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Make planting your field boundaries a little easier with our fully retractable cultivator marker kit! Our retractable marker consists of a 16‑inch notched disc and gauge wheel attached to a steel arm that mounts on the back of your cultivator. The marker leaves a 2-inch-wide furrow in the ground. A hydraulic cylinder extends the marker out and retracts flush with the rear of the cultivator for easy backing and storage. The marker is mounted at a distance of one-half the planter width, from either the left or right side of the cultivator, depending on which direction you go around the field. Pivoting parallel arm mounts keep the base level when mounting to pitched harrows, and a telescoping arm allows for infinite arm length settings. Mounting brackets are available for all cultivator makes and models, including ones equipped with rolling baskets or coil tine harrows.

Low profile to prevent interference with

wing-fold cultivators

Retracts flush with rear of cultivator for easy backing and storage

Pivoting parallel arm mounts keep base level when mounting to pitched harrows

Telescoping arm allows for infinite length settings

Adjustable mounting bases allow for easy use with any brand cultivator

Greased hinge points and replaceable spring bushings for trouble-free maintenance

16-inch aggressive disk blade and gauge wheel

Full two-year warranty

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